How to House a Minotaur


Just as the pandemic lockdowns began, the exhibition at Sharjah Art Foundation “Art in the Age of Anxiety” opened. I designed the exhibition curated by Omar Khoeif. Morel Books and MIT Press have launched the exhibition’s catalogue, for which I’ve written about the exhibition design.

You can purchase the book here.

Excerpt from article:

Architecture has had it bad for the last few decades. Gehry Partners’ design for Facebook was the profession’s final Faustian parable. (Or was it Foster + Partners’ for Apple?) The internet has cast its world wide web even wider to capture acres of territory, the size of nations, and transform them into stacks of infinite, uninhabitable interiors. We’re condemned to inhabit the residue: in the 1960s, architects predicted the disappearance, the evaporation, of our art form, into events and experiences. They professed freedom; instead, we got shipwrecked in a just-in-time supply chain of concrete, gypsum, silicone and poison-infused wood studs.